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It's been nearly a decade since Michael Bay has directed a movie that doesn't feature giant machines doing battle for the future of mankind. Since releasing The Island in 2005 Bay's directing career has been focused on the Transformers franchise exclusively, and next summer he will be picking it up again with the untitled Transformers 4 (due out on June 27, 2014). But this year he's taking a bit of a brake from CGI-filled mayhem to bring you the story of incompetent, muscle-headed wannabe criminals.

Bay's first non-summer release since Bad Boys in 1995, Pain & Gain tells the story of three bodybuilders (Mark Wahlberg, Dwayne Johnson, Anthony Mackie) who get tired with their sub-standard lives and hatch a plan to kidnap and extort a local wealthy businessman (Tony Shalhoub). But of course things go horribly, horribly wrong and the three jocks find themselves being hunted by an old pro private investigator (Ed Harris). And the cherry on top? As the new TV spot released by Paramount explains, it's all based on a true story.

Check out the preview below.

This has to be one of the grander experiments of 2013, no? Bay, of course, isn't known for his carefully tuned storytelling, but has likened this project to a dark comedy a la the Coen brothers. The trailers still show plenty of flash, but the laugh are there. If this were a creature at the zoo I'd stare at it for hours out of curiosity.

Beyond its stars Pain & Gain features the talents of Rebel Wilson, Ken Jeong, Rob Corddry Yolanthe Cabau and Kurt Angle. Look for it in theaters April 26th and for more head over to our Blend Film Database.