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Mark Wahlberg Says He, De Niro And Pesci Are Still Doing Uncharted

It's truly hard to know what the hell is going on with David O. Russell's videogame adaptation, Uncharted. Since the director signed on in October, we've been hearing numerous rumors about the project, the biggest ones being that frequent Russell collaborator Mark Wahlberg would star as Nathan Drake; that Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci would have roles; and that there would be a National Treasure-esque plot. Then, late last month, a story broke that had Russell denying the family plot and Wahlberg's casting reduced to "Hollywood scuttlebutt." Apparently nobody told Mark Wahlberg. Movie Hole recently spoke with the actor, who is still on the road promoting The Fighter, and when asked about Uncharted, he said, "David O. Russell is writing right now and hopes to direct. It’s myself, Joe Pesci and Robert De Niro." Wahlberg even gave a possible timetable, saying that they hope to film sometime this summer.

So apparently now Wahlberg, De Niro and Pesci are solid locks, but Russell's involvement as the director is on ice... can anyone make sense of all this? By the way things are going, I half expect that by next month De Niro will be playing Wahlberg's role, Wahlberg will be playing Pesci's role, Russell will be playing De Niro's role and Pesci will sign on as the director.

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