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Last week, we picked up on a very cool little Ant-Man viral promoting some kind of event involving Leslie Bibb's Marvel Cinematic Universe reporter character Christine Everhart - and today that viral has started to pay off. A new video has been launched online, and in addition to teasing a special interview with Paul Rudd's Scott Lang from Ant-Man, there are also some not-too-subtle hints about Captain America: Civil War:

This "news report" was launched on the fictional in-world WHiH World News YouTube channel, and while the main story is about Scott Lang's upcoming release from prison, it's also not hard not to notice the obvious reference to the story that we will see unfold in Joe and Anthony Russo's Captain America: Civil War - which involves a debate in the superhero community about the idea of Superhero Registration. The video opens with information about the consequences of the events seen in Joss Whedon's The Avengers: Age of Ultron, but it's Everhart's comments about "more government control and transparency when it comes to our superpowered citizens" that immediately makes one think about 2016's upcoming blockbuster.

Cool as that reference is, however, it may actually not be the only little Civil War hint that's featured. Those looking at the news crawl at the bottom of the screen may have noticed that there is a line about an earthquake happening in South Africa. One has to wonder if this is some kind of reference to Wakanda - the nation that we will see for the first time in Joe and Anthony Russo's film:

Marvel Viral

And just to make things more fun, there is even a tiny Thor connection featured in the crawl as well, as Natalie Portman's Jane Foster is said to be giving a lecture on her experiences with "interspace and dimensional travel"

Jane Foster Viral

With Ant-Man not scheduled to arrive in theaters until next week, Marvel is keeping this viral going and has already teased even more stuff. According to the WHIH News Twitter, we will soon be seeing an interview between Christine Everhart and Scott Lang, which will be online next week. When it goes live, you'll be able to find it here, so stay tuned!

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