Marvel Stays Kiddie Friendly

In one of those “duh, of course” moments you sometimes get, Marvel has announced that we won’t be seeing topless women or cursing superheroes in their movies anytime soon. Marvel Studios will be keeping things rated PG-13 on all of their upcoming comic book adaptations. If they do an R-rated movie, it would have to be through another studio, so all the blood, sex, and foul language will not sully their doorstep.

Marvel executive Peter Cuneo (wasn’t that the name of one of the Five Families in The Godfather), told IESB that an R rating was not going to be possible for any of his franchises. He was a little vague about it, stating, “We will not be doing R-rated films in our studio." Well, that’s actually not very vague at all, it’s pretty straight forward. He said that Marvel would only do an R-rated film with a partner, noting, “today, it would be very hard for us to partner with another studio, unless it was an R-rated film, and then I think that's pretty self-obvious because we are not interested in making R-rated films [at Marvel Studios]."

I’m not sure what “self-obvious” means in that context, but the gist is clear. Marvel Studios wants the most people possible to geek out over Iron Man 2 or X-Men 15 or the eighth reboot of the Hulk franchise. PG-13 makes the most economic sense and this all about the Benjamins. So don’t expect Tony Stark to rip off Pepper Pott’s dress, I think back skin is all we are going to get.