It was pretty surprising when Waner Bros. announced that they were pushing back the untitled Batman vs. Superman movie, but making the news all the more interesting was the exact date the studio chose. The Man of Steel sequel is now scheduled to hit theaters on May 6, 2016 - which also happens to be a date that Marvel Studios carved out for an untitled project of their own in June of last year. In the next two years or so we fully expect one of those two projects to eventually move off that date, but if this is a big game of chicken, then Marvel isn't flinching.

SlashFilm caught up with Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige at the Captain America: The Winter Soldier junket this afternoon, and during their conversation the executive confirmed that there are no plans for Marvel to budge from the May 6, 2016 release date. Asked if we can expect an epic Marvel vs. DC showdown that weekend, Feige said, "We’re certainly keeping the date there and we’ll announce what that movie is, I assume, in the next few months."

Whatever the film ends up being, it will be the second title of the Marvel Cinematic Universe's Phase Three, which will be kicking off with Edgar Wright's Ant-Man next July. While it has not yet been confirmed exactly what Marvel has planned for that date, the possible options include Doctor Strange, Captain America 3, Thor 3 and maybe even Guardians of the Galaxy 2. So when will we finally find out the answer to that question? Certainly one possibility is San Diego Comic-Con, but the truth is that we may actually know before then. Said Feige in the interview, "I’d love nothing more than to be able to announce them all [at SDCC]. But if it’s ready beforehand, we’ll probably do it beforehand. If it’s not ready then, we’ll do it after."

So what is the next step here? It's hard to say. May 6, 2016 is still a long time from now, so both Marvel Studios and Warner Bros. will have plenty of time to think about whether or not they really want to release two such big projects on the same day. If they do end up coming out the same weekend, then it's possible that they will both just end up eating each other's box office and then nobody walks away a winner.

In the meantime, let's have some fun with this situation, shall we? It's time to place your bets: who do you think will budge first?

Who do you think will move first from the May 6, 2016 release date?

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