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Matt Damon Hints At More Bourne In His Future

The Bourne torch may have been passing to Jeremy Renner with next year's The Bourne Legacy, but that doesn't mean that Matt Damon is abandoning the possibility of eventually returning to the role that made him an action star. In an interview with, Damon tossed more fuel on the fire for fans who would like to see him back in the role of amnesiac badass Jason Bourne:

The next Bourne film is going ahead with Jeremy Renner instead of you in the central role. It’s not a case of being traded in for a younger model, is it?No, not at all. I was always fine with them doing another Bourne movie as long as it didn’t preclude me and Paul [Greengrass] from doing another Bourne. From what I understand, it doesn’t at all, so that’s fine. I really want to do another one with Paul and I’m sure it’ll happen someday, but for now they’re doing this. And I’m a huge Jeremy Renner fan. I’m sure he’ll be great.So it’s more of a spin-off with Renner playing a different character. Does that mean there’s still hope? I’m keeping hope, man.

Hardly stamping a release date on any future Damon/Greengrass Bourne flicks, but at least the door isn't totally closed. Of course, the question is: should Damon return to that well? It remains to be seen how The Bourne Legacy will shape up, but the existing Bourne films comprise one of the best action trilogies in decades, and culminate in a pretty damn perfect ending, as well. If Damon and/or Greengrass do eventually return to the franchise, here's hoping they do so because somebody has a really good idea about what to do with Jason Bourne, rather than just as a cash grab. If Legacy isn't a solid hit, I can totally see Universal trying to coerce Damon back to reinvigorate the brand.

Hopefully that won't be a concern, however. Tony Gilroy is both co-writing and directing Legacy, after having co-written the first three Bourne flicks, and Jeremy Renner is poised to blow up as the next big thing, with roles in the upcoming Avengers and Mission: Impossible movies on top of Legacy. If we have to get another Bourne flick without Damon, these are capable hands to leave the franchise in. Either way, we'll see if Renner can fill Damon's shoes next summer, when The Bourne Legacy opens in theaters.

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