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Matt Damon And A Tiger Face Off In Images From We Bought A Zoo

I can't be the only one who's had my fingers crossed all year that Cameron Crowe is finally going to treat us well again. Somehow even six years after the failure of Elizabethtown that movie still hurts, having come from the man who gave us Almost Famous, Jerry Maguire and Say Anything not that far into the past. But this year he's back with We Bought A Zoo, the story of a man grieving his wife's death who, along with his two kids, buys and moves into a rundown zoo. It sounds like it has the exact mix of humor and sadness you want in a Cameron Crowe movie, plus the added bonus of zoo animals; only the latter is on display, though, in the first batch of images from the film that debuted at USA Today (opens in new tab).

Check out three of the five below, including a truly storage composite shot of the entire cast with some fearsome animals cavorting around in the background. That's also an impossibly lean Scarlett Johansson leaning against that tree trunk, in case you were curious. You can click on them for a link to the full gallery at USA Today.

The sight of Matt Damon makes me feel automatically affectionate toward this movie, and not only because he's the world's most likable actor. Check out this video below, which has nothing to do with We Bought A Zoo but shows off Damon being a total mensch, defending the importance of teachers right next to his mama, an early education professor who banned him from playing with guns as a kid and in this 1997 article claimed fame had made her son "a cog in the capitalist system." She might be an even bigger badass than her son, but in this clip he's the one taking names:

So yeah, it has nothing to do with We Bought A Zoo, but it's a reminder that between Crowe and Damon and that awesome looking tiger, we've got a lot to look forward to from this movie, which opens December 23.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend