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Matt Reeves has found his niche, and apparently it's making monster movies. Kicking off his career directing Cloverfield and the vampire drama Let Me In, the last two months have seen Reeves become involved with the sunglasses-less remake of They Live (more aliens) and an adaptation of Justin Cronin's The Passage (more vampires). Every director needs to branch out, however, so that's what Reeves is doing...by doing a story about Victor Frankenstein.

The project announced in February, Deadline has learned that Reeves and Jacob Estes have been hired by Summit to make This Dark Endeavor: The Apprenticeship of Victor Frankenstein, an adaptation of the Kenneth Oppel novel that serves as an alternate tale about the famed monster maker. In the story, Victor's twin brother, Konrad, falls deathly ill and Victor seeks out an alchemist to learn the formula for an elixir that can save him. Learning the recipe, the young scientist goes out on a quest to find the ingredients and is joined by his best friend, Elizabeth, who is in love with Konrad. Reeves will direct the project while Estes writes it, though it is unknown where the project will fit into Reeves' schedule.

It was announced just a couple hours ago that the Sam Raimi-produced version of the classic Frankenstein tale is moving forward, so this is typically the place where I blast Hollywood's lack of originality, but I can't really bring myself to do it this time. The truth is that this is a completely different new take on a character we've seen 1000 times before and it's kind of refreshing. If studios are going to continue to only make movies based on established brands and names, then this is really the best that we can hope for.