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Back in 1995 Universal Studios was bought by the Seagram's company, purveyors of fine wine coolers. For some completely bizarre and unknown reason, they hired South Park creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker to create an employee training film that would reassure their staff that even though they'd been bought by a massive alcohol conglomerate the studio would remain artist friendly.

Apparently, because this was years before South Park, they had no idea what they were in for with Parker and Stone.

The resulting short film is hilarious, a series of jabs at corporate America and loaded with star-studded celebrity cameos from people like Sly Stallone, Michael J. Fox, and Brian Grazer. Steven Spielberg shows up as a tour guide on the "old and slow" Jaws ride, James Cameron sweetens and beautifies, and Angela Landsbury enjoys a delicious Seagram's wine cooler or two.

As you'd imagine, the video was unusable for corporate purposes.

Now more than a decade later the video has surfaced on the internet, sent to us by friends of ours over at Creative Screenwriting, through a blog called NewsFromMe. It's genius. Watch and laugh your ass off below in two parts: