The Mechanic Trailer: Jason Statham Trains Ben Foster To Kill

The Mechanic is a remake of the same-named 1972 Charles Bronson movie about a hit man training an apprentice with a connection to one of his victims. Jason Statham has stepped in to the Bronson role as the titular mechanic. He won’t spend much time in this movie fixing cars. Ben Foster is the apprentice, and if you’re wondering whether he can pull off playing a badass, just pick up a copy of 3:10 to Yuma.

Yesterday the movie’s first poster debuted, now it has a trailer too. Watch the first trailer for The Mechanic below or in higher-res on MSN.

It seems clear from the trailer that Donald Sutherland is the victim and Ben Foster must be his son whom Statham’s character begins training. Perhaps out of guilt? Perhaps out of respect for the man he killed? Sutherland’s character seems as though he’s some sort of mentor to Statham’s.

However it plays out, there’s a lot of potential here. The trailer really fires on all cylinders, this could easily be Jason Statham’s best movie, the kind of film his fans have been waiting for. Jason Statham’s In Bruges? Maybe. He’s done plenty of great action movies and The Bank Job proved he could act, but he’s never really done a movie which fully utilized both of those talents. This could be it.

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Josh Tyler