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Given the choice between good-guy Samuel L. Jackson and bad-guy Samuel L. Jackson, I think I prefer the former. But he sure does play a great villain when he wants to. From what we’re shown in the trailer for Meeting Evil, it looks like Jackson’s playing a man whose path you’d be better off avoiding. And Luke Wilson’s character may be learning that lesson the hard way.

Based on a novel by Thomas Berger, Meeting Evil stars Luke Wilson as John, a depressed, recently fired realtor who offers to help a man (Samuel L. Jackson) with his car and ends up caught up in a horrible murder spree which “forces him to question everything about his life, his mode of behavior, and the very nature of evil...” Based on the trailer, it looks like Leslie Bibb plays John’s wife. Bibb's currently starring in ABC's new dramedy GCB, though she has a number of film credits to her name (including Iron Man, in which Jackson also appeared).

The trailer (courtesy of itunes) below will give you a better idea of the situation John gets himself into.

Looking at Samuel L. Jackson in the above trailer reminds me of his character in Unbreakable. He has that sort of sinister, manipulative vibe going on. He pulled that off well in the M. Night Shyamalan movie and the same may be the case in Meeting Evil. Based on what we're shown, it may be putting it mildly to say that Jackson's character is causing serious trouble for Luke Wilson's.

On a completely random note, unrelated to any comparisons with other movies, Jackson’s character seems to have a preference for hats. That may be a detail that's irrelevant to the story, but I couldn't help but notice the costume selection there.

Meeting Evil is set to release into theaters on May 4th, but it’s also getting the early release on demand treatment. It’ll be available on iTunes later this month (March 30).

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