Megan Fox Joins The Cast Of Friends With Kids

Despite having no box office draw outside of the Transformers franchise and having two straight flops on her record, studios aren't ready to give up on Megan Fox. It explains why the incredibly bizarre Passion Play was picked up at this year's Toronto International Film Festival and why she has been cast in a new comedy.

THR reports that Fox will join Jon Hamm, Adam Scott, Kristin Wiig and Jennifer Westfeldt in the film Friends With Kids. Set to be directed by Westfeldt, who also wrote the script, the project is about three couples (Scott/Westfeldt, Hamm/Wiig, and a third not yet cast) who try to avoid the impact that having kids has on a relationship by dating other people at the same time. Fox will play a girl that Scott's character dates. The movie is scheduled to be released next April.

Depending on how large her role is, this might actually be the perfect move for Fox. Both Hamm and Wiig are on major upswings and Scott is one of most underrated talents working today. Provided that the movie is solid, Fox has surrounded herself with some great co-stars and provided she doesn't screw it up, she has the potential to move on permanently from the Michael Bay universe.

Eric Eisenberg
Assistant Managing Editor

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