Mel Gibson, Harrison Ford And Many More Get Posters For The Expendables 3

It’s probably quicker to list all of the actors in Hollywood who aren’t in Patrick Hughes’ The Expendables 3 than it would be to roll call through the laundry list of current and former action giants surrounding Sylvester Stallone and company. In preparation for a new trailer that is expected to drop in a few days, Lionsgate spread a series of The Expendables 3 character posters across various site on the ‘Net, and we’re sharing a few that have piqued our interest, starting with:

The Expendables 3 Harrison Ford

Yep, that’s 71-year-old Harrison Ford (via Collider), smiling at the thought of the enormous paycheck he’s collecting for a few weeks work on the set of Hughes’ sequel. Not that we blame Ford, at all. The Expendables franchise has been the greatest 401K retirement program for our industry’s aging action heroes. And while the grosses on the subsequent sequels has tumbled from one picture to the next, the umbrella of job security for actors very few want to cast anymore has become too much for stars like Mel Gibson to pass up on! Speaking of, here’s "Mad" Mel in his character poster, via IGN:

The Expendables 3 Mel Gibson

Listen, not everyone on the Expendables cast got themselves in hot water in Hollywood for shooting their mouth off at police officers. Some went one step further, spending time in jail for tax evasion!

The Expendables 3 Wesley Snipes

And, of course, nothing says "Action" quite like Frasier Crane in a fashionable vest and fishing hat.

The Expendables 3 Kelsey Grammer

I kid, I kid. Stallone’s franchise has been a blast of nostalgic action lunacy, and if more people want in on the action, how can we blame them? I’m sad that Bruce Willis bailed (over such selfish reasons), and that Nic Cage couldn’t find a role in this enormous ensemble. But by the looks of the teaser clip below, there’s more than enough testosterone to fill the biggest screen in town. Look for more Expendables footage online soon. And the sequel will actually be in theaters on August 15.

Sean O'Connell
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