Mel Gibson Reinventing English With His Viking Movie

After he delved into Aramaic for The Passion of the Christ and an ancient Mayan language for Apocalypto, you might be relieved at first to hear that Mel Gibson is returning to English for his next directorial project. But not so fast-- English has been around a long time, and just because the Vikings spoke the same language we did doesn't mean we'll understand a word they're saying.

Talking to Collider at the junket for The Edge of Darkness, Gibson spilled a few details on his upcoming VIking movie, which will star Leonardo DiCaprio as one of the legendary fearsome warriors. And as it turns out, Leo has some language training to do. "I think it’s going to be English - the English that would have been spoken back then - and Old Norse. Whatever the 9th century had to offer. I’m going to give you real.”

Gibson also said the first kind of movie he ever wanted to make was a Viking movie, so expect a Braveheart-level of passion on this one. I honestly don't know what to expect from Gibson anymore, and the notion of another impossible to understand historical epic isn't exactly the most appealing. But I'm sure all the Norse scholars are gonna be thrilled.

Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend