Michael Imperioli Won't Play A Mobster In New Mob Movie The Wannabe

2023 SAG Awards, Michael Imperioli
(Image credit: Photo by Emma McIntyre/FilmMagic))

Michael Imperioli spent the first two plus seasons of The Sopranos desperately wanting to be a member of the mob. Thus, it shouldn’t come as a shock that he’s more interested in playing the exact opposite these days. He’s officially boarded writer/ director Nick Sandow’s newest work about an outcast in New York City interested in partnering with the mob, and he’ll actually play the main character’s brother, a hardworking family man.

According to Variety, the basic plot outline follows the title Wannabe as he falls in love with his neighbor and partners with her for a “ride worthy of mob lore”. Boardwalk Empire’s Vincent Piazza will play the main character and Patricia Arquette will play the love interest.

Typically, the success of movies like this hinge on how well the love story can be balanced with the mob angle. If Sandow focuses two much on one of the elements, it’ll get boring and screw up the balance, but if he can let each element spell the other for just long enough, we could be in for something special.

Minor roles and other specifics need to be handled, but with the three leads plus a script and a director in place, Wannabe should be ready to head into production sooner rather than later. We’ll keep you updated as the project moves forward.

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