On Sunday The Film Experience's Nathaniel Rogers brought me along to a dinner in honor of (500) Days of Summer, where both the cast and writers and director were on hand to schmooze with various writers and industry people who have the power to influence the movie's Oscar chances (let me be clear, I was just a guest-- no one thinks that of me). While Nathaniel and I didn't wind up eating alongside Joseph Gordon-Levitt or anything, we did luck out and somehow sit down at a table with Amy Heckerling, the Clueless director who also recently directed Nathaniel's favorite actress, Michelle Pfeiffer, in the straight-to-DVD I Could Never Be Your Woman.

While that movie didn't work out so well release-wise, Heckerling is already at work on her next project Vamps, which follows two female vampires looking for love in modern-day New York. Krysten Ritter, of What Happens in Vegas and other teenybopper friendly stuff, has alrady been cast, and as Nathaniel was leaving the party and wished Heckerling well on the movie as he said goodbye, she look him dead in the eyes and said "I hope I get Pfeiffer for it!"

Now, as Nathaniel points out, Pfeiffer has only worked with two directors twice over the entire span of her career, and she's extremely picky about parts, especially these days. But Pfeiffer as a vampire in the city? I've heard worse ideas. Even though Heckerling's first collaboration with Pfeiffer didn't exactly result in genius, she is the woman who made Clueless, and has therefore earned a lifetime's worth of good faith. If Pfeiffer gets on board, that may be another sign of good things to come. Not like we haven't seen enough vampires lately, but if they do it well, can we make an exception for this one?

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