The Place Beyond the Pines was already one of our most anticipated films of 2012. Derek Cianfrance’s followup to his amazing Blue Valentine reunites him and Ryan Gosling, as well as bringing in new recruit Bradley Cooper. So, not only is Pines from an amazingly talented writer-director, but it is also a veritable showdown for the ‘Sexiest Man Alive.’ Oh, and not just relying on their looks, the boys are pretty great actors to boot. Now, there’s still one thing missing from this fantastic composition. The score.

According to IndieWire Mike Patton has just accepted those duties, which means we can all rest easy. Patton, the prolific musician linked to many different bands (including Faith No More, Mr. Bungle and Tomahawk), has agreed to score the film, and it won’t be his first rodeo, having composed music for features as diverse as Crank 2: High Voltage and The Solitude of Prime Numbers. Personally, this isn’t just exciting news because Patton is a rad musician but I think it also hints at what we can expect tonally from Pines. Hopefully, hiring Patton means the film will have a bit more action rather than the emotional intensity of Grizzly Bear’s tunes in Blue Valentine.

There are few films that hit me as hard as Derek Cianfrance’s emotionally raw Blue Valentine. It’s easily one of the best films of the fresh decade and featured a dynamite performance from Ryan Gosling, so obviously the prospect of this re-team is exhilarating. The film follows a motorcycle stuntman, played by Gosling, who’s forced to contemplate a life of crime in order to provide for his family. This diversion into the criminal world brings him into direct conflict with a former cop turned politician played by Cooper. Even though the plot description is pretty thin, the fact that The Place Beyond the Pines is from Cianfrance, stars Gosling, Cooper, Rose Byrne and Eva Mendes and is now being scored by Mike Patton is more than enough to get me in the theater.

Here's a sample of Patton's work on The Solitude of Prime Numbers...

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