Milla Jovovich Dominates In New Resident Evil: Retribution Images

Just a few weeks back a winsome and smiling Milla Jovovich rewarded fans of the Resident Evil movie franchise for their devotion with a lively Q&A that concluded the unveiling of Resident Evil: Retribution's latest trailer. The fifth offering of the videogame-inspired film series features Jovovich's slick survivor Alice facing off against the evil Umbrella Corporation and their mutant minions with the help of a determined resistance movement.

Reprising roles from past Resident Evil movies are Sienna Guillory, Oded Fehr, Boris Kodjoe, and Michelle Rodriguez. Wait—you might say—didn't Rodriguez's character Rain Ocampo die in the first movie? It did seem so, but the fiery action starlet has an ass-kicking charisma so powerful that it seems to pull her characters back from oblivion time (Fast & Furious) and time again.

Thanks to Hey You Guys, below you can check out shots of Jovovich and Rodriguez, along with pics of some of the franchise's newcomers, including Kevin Durand (Cosmopolis) and Bingbing Li (Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame). In the first image, Alice has unarmed, largely undressed, and presumably being held in an Umbrella lockdown.

The second shot shows Alice dressed to kill and kicking some zombie ass. The set indicates this is in the same structure as the prior pic.

Still presumably in the same location, the next shot is one of two that features Jovovich with Bingbing Li, who plays Ada Wong. Interestingly, Li's outfit is reminiscent of Jovovich's costume from the first Resident Evil.

Next up, Jovovich and Li take the action closer to home.

Here's Rodriguez in an evocative shot with carnage and a child's swingset in the background.

Kevin Durand plays Barry Burton, seen here sporting some serious facial hair and wielding a massive gun against whatever lurks in this seemingly Russian warehouse.

Then there's Boris Kodjoe returning as Luther West and sporting two forms of guns—or as an alternate wordplay, two forms of arms.

Finally two bonus shots of Jovovich combining style and action.

Resident Evil: Retribution hits theaters September 14th. To check out more stills and trailers for the film, consult our Blend Film Database.

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