We thought Phil Lord and Chris Miller’s The LEGO Movie would succeed. Reviews were off the charts positive (we gave it 4.5 out of 5 stars in our own analysis), and buzz swirling around stories we posted leading up to the film’s release generated great comments from readers who were anxiously awaiting the fast-paced, creative comedy.

But we didn’t expect LEGO to put up these kinds of numbers. The movie banked $69 million, dominating the Top 10 and pulling in audience members from every demographic. Why? Why did this movie hit such a grand slam home run? We dug deep into The LEGO Movie and came up with 5 compelling reasons why we think Warner Bros. has a massive hit on its hands.

While you are listening, browse a few of our LEGO-related pieces.

- This feature breaks down the surprise celebrity voices you heard during the movie.

- Kristy did a fantastic breakdown of the use of 3D in The LEGO Movie, giving the movie some of the highest grades we’ve seen.

- Did you realize The LEGO Movie was almost a musical?

- And yes, a sequel already is in the works.

Everything is awesome this morning if you happen to have a vested interest in The LEGO Movie. Now it’s your turn. Tell us, in the comments section below, why you thought Lord and Miller’s movie did so well in its opening weekend. Will it continue to dominate? And what do you want to see the team do in a sequel? Weigh in with your opinions on all things LEGO below!

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