Mortal Kombat Franchise Less Dead Than You’d Think

The most memorable thing about any of the Mortal Kombat movies was always the soundtrack. Assuming of course you like cheap techno… and what teenager didn’t back in the 90s, as something to listen to whenever your parents got out of the car. You’d pop in some Prodigy and groove to “Smack My Bitch Up”, then flip to the Mortal Kombat soundtrack and imagine you were cracking heads. Teenagers are a horrifically violent. It's the hormones.

So if they’re going to resurrect Mortal Kombat, maybe they should dispense with another movie, since the others were crummy anyway, and just get some guys with keytars together to record music. Sadly, that doesn’t seem to be what’s happening. Instead, the guys at Moviehole say Mortal Kombat lives, in the form of a third film being worked on by Christopher Morrison.

We first heard about the possibility of another MK back in March of 2007. Since then it’s been silent but the movie, which is described as more of a remake (hello Hollywood buzz word… reboot) than a sequel, is currently seeking funding. Morrison seems to be waiting for Obama to get elected and magically fix the economy with his powers of Hope, before he does anything. He says (Morrison, not Obama), “you may have noticed the economy in general is a little sluggish at the moment especially in Hollywood. Indy investors are more cautious at this particular time then recently so it takes longer than ever. MK more than likely will be an Indy film. The film's projected budget will be between 50& 60 mill so it is a bit more tricky than just running down to the ATM or writing a cashiers check.”

If they are intent on making a new Mortal Kombat movie, it’s nice to hear they’re at least doing it with a substantial budget. $50 - $60 million isn’t exactly Spider-Man production money, but it’s a nice chunk of cash, enough to pull off a pretty sharp looking, effects heavy, fighting movie. For more on what’s up with Mortal Kombat 3, check out the rest of Morrison’s interview with our pals over at MH.

Josh Tyler