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The most mysterious of Fox’s X-Men related film projects is Josh Boone’s New Mutants. The film has been officially announced and Boone is signed to write and direct the project but, in an era where release dates are set half a decade in advance, we have no idea when we’ll finally see the thing, or much about what the film will actually look like when we do. Now, the director himself may be giving us a bit of an inside look. He’s posted comic images of several New Mutants online. If the collection of images will be our New Mutants team in the movie, then get ready for Wolfsbane, Mirage, Cannonball, Sunspot, Magik, and Warlock.


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Starting a couple of days ago, and leading right up to a few hours ago, several New Mutants images have gone up on Josh Boone’s Instagram account. Each has gone up without any comment beyond hashtags denoting each character's name and #newmutants. The obvious implications are that these are the characters he’s using in his New Mutants script. We know Boone is well into writing the movie so if there’s only one person in the world who knows which New Mutants will be making an appearance, he’s the one.

Each character posted has been a member of the New Mutants at one point or another and four of them were original team members. The other two joined the team shortly after its creation. This would certainly make for a logical team. Each one of these characters would certainly have been considered at some point. Cannonball and Mirage were both early leaders of the team. Magik is the sister of popular X-Man, and Deadpool co-star, Colossus. We would fully expect that at least a couple of these characters would end up in the New Mutants movie, but if only a couple of them were, then we’d really wonder why the rest would have their pictures posted.

#newmutants #warlock

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The only other thing that we know about New Mutants at this point is that it’s being written as as a Young Adult movie set within the X-Men universe. This would set the film apart from the rest of Fox’s X-Men movies, and at the opposite end of the spectrum from Deadpool, but as all the New Mutants are teenagers just learning to use their powers, it makes sense to set that sort of tone. Josh Boone helmed The Fault in our Stars previously which may be the reason he was tasked with New Mutants.

What do you think of this New Mutants team? Are they the right ones to start this new chapter in the X-Men universe? Is there anybody else that you’d like to see? It’s possible that Josh Boone isn’t done posting pictures yet. Which character do you think Maisie Williams might play?

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