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Honestly, I've never understood the hoopla over celebrity nudity. All that celeb-nudity-geek excitement and anticipation seems a little needy and more often than not leads those of you obsessed with it to disappointment instead of glee. Well, I'm here to burst your bubble yet again.

Last week the internet channels were aflutter with news that Natalie Portman would be appearing nude in the upcoming Goya's Ghost (Check out our coverage here). Egotastic!, the site that claims to have originally broken the story, is now retracting it in light of new insights from Natalie's agent.

Apparently her agent told Access Hollywood that a body double performed the nude torture scenes for the film, not Natalie. No doubt this will send some of you reeling with anger. Whatever. I have more important geeky-obsessive matters to worry about, like the complete degredation of the Transformers at the hands of Michael Bay.