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Neil Burger Working On A New Look At Bonnie And Clyde

While that headline might sound odd, this story is not about a modern day retelling of the story of Bonnie and Clyde, the notorious outlaws who thrived in the 1930s. Neil Burger will be working up a script with Up In the Air scribe Sheldon Turner for a new, more accurate look at the pair as they enjoyed their illustrious criminal careers during the Great Depression, until being taken down in a famous hail of gunfire.

According to Deadline, the film will be based on a book released in 2009 called Go Down Together: The True Untold Story of Bonnie and Clyde by Jeff Guinn in which accounts of the pair and their Barrow gang are “de-romanticized”, telling truths conveniently left out of other accounts, such as the 1968 Warren Beatty representation. The pair were very young when they were killed; Clyde Barrow was a poor boy who stole chickens before upgrading to cars, and Bonnie Parker, allegedly, was a prostitute before getting into the armed robbery game. It will certainly be interesting to have this new look at the immortal duo.

Burger and Turner have already landed themselves a financier in the form of WWE wife Marissa McMahon, who is the daughter-in-law of WWE honcho Vince McMahon. This is not only good news for the writing pair as they’ve already got the money to make the film, but McMahon has a vested interest in the film, so they’re looking at some cheap advertising during some of the most watched weekly “sporting events” in the country. Expect this production to not hit too many snags.

In the mean time, Burger is going to be helming Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune which has has a much harder time finding its way to the big screen. After recent shake ups though, things are on track with Burger working on this script also. More on both films as they move forward.