We knew it would happen, but who would have guessed it would be so fast? Some enterprising bootlegger attended last night's midnight showing of Friday the 13th, and captured the new trailer for Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.

It's a surprisingly good video, though still shaky and grainy in the way all bootlegs tend to be. It's still up online, but probably won't last long, so check it out soon. Obviously the studio will probably release a high-res version soon enough, but do you really want to wait that long to see Michael Bay's latest take on giant freakin' robots?

There's a whole lot of new footage to see, a lot of explosions, and not too much dialogue-- pretty much perfect actually. Check out the trailer embedded below, and if you see it on the big screen at Friday the 13th this weekend, let us know how awesome it is in person.

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