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It was just earlier today that we learned Skyfall writer John Logan would return for the next James Bond adventure, and now there are already more details coming forward. Now they're not plot details--nobody would be insane enough to leak those yet-- but there is a fascinating hint at where the franchise might go from here, including a return to a strategy first used in Quantum of Solace.

That ill-fated Bond film released in 2008 was the first in the series to link to a story from a previous movie, allowing Bond to grieve over the death of Vesper Lynde and further explore the mysterious organization Quantum. In Skyfall all of that has been ditched-- you can't blame them for getting away from a movie as unloved as Quantum of Solace-- but that doesn't mean they won't link up the stories again. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Logan is now actually writing two Bond screenplays, neither of them based on anything written by Ian Fleming. It's not said specifically that the two stories will be related, but it's hard to imagine another reason for writing them simultaneously.

I won't talk too much about Skyfall since it's not open here in the United States for another few weeks, but one of the most exciting things about the movie is the way Sam Mendes really digs back into MI6, re-introducing Q (played by the wonderful Ben Whishaw) and seeing Bond as more of a company man than the kind of lone wolf super spy who's more like Jason Bourne. It sets up a lot of exciting possibilities for more Bond movies based around MI6, so if Logan's two-part screenplays keep heading in that direction, I'll be thrilled to see where he's taking the series.

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