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The Nice Guys Trailer Is Badass And Hilarious

There's just something about Shane Black movies that makes us smile. Maybe it's the witty dialogue, or the consistently Christmas-y setting, or even the actors he chooses to work with, but each film of his is a delight in and of itself. The Nice Guys is no exception, and there's even more reason to rejoice after watching the brand new trailer, included below.

While we were given a raunchier red band not too long ago, this latest look at The Nice Guys cements the film's story a little more, as well throws us as a couple more memorable Shane Black moments in the making. Warner Bros makes the most of its latest green band trailer, by showcasing more of Ryan Gosling's bumbling and even more of Russell Crowe's brand of tough guy sass, as they take on a case involving the missing daughter of the District Attorney. Both attributes will serve them well, in classic Black fashion, as they take on the mob, a couple of hit-men, and anyone else who gets in their way throughout 1977 L.A.

In terms of the comedy on display in The Nice Guys, the Shane Black formula is as strong as ever, with Gosling and Crowe going back and forth like extremely good sports. If their timing and chemistry wasn't readily apparent during their presenting gig at this year's Academy Awards, then their barbs traded during moments like Ryan Gosling's rooftop freakout are all you need to see that the pair are working together like a well-oiled machine. We have to admit, seeing the man who played those cool badasses at the center of Drive, Only God Forgives, and even Gangster Squad turn into the total wuss known as Holland March makes us laugh a little harder than we even thought possible.

Of course, if we're going to talk about what we've just watched, we need to talk about Russell Crowe's classic hardcase of a character, Jackson Healy. While Crowe's been taking some interesting and out-of-the-box gigs like Les Miserables and The Water Diviner, it's most comforting to see the Academy Award winner returning to role that invokes memories of his performance as Bud White in 1997's L.A. Confidential. In fact, the only difference between Jackson and Bud is the fact that The Nice Guys allows Jackson to have more of a sense of humor than Bud ever was given. Though Jackson does rough up enough perps to make us think that he might be part of the White bloodline after all.

Badass meets Smartass is the formula that Shane Black excels at portraying, and The Nice Guys isn't going change that anytime soon. While there will be plenty of superhero movies and other spectacles to indulge in during the summer, The Nice Guys is one of those flicks that promises to be a welcome respite from the epic clashes that we'll undoubtedly be flooded with. You'll be able to see for yourself, when the film opens in theaters on May 20th. Until then, good luck trying to get The Hollies' "Long Cool Woman In A Black Dress" out of your head.

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