Cuban Fury is an upcoming British romantic comedy that has quietly assembled a very impressive ensemble. The small film from Big Talk Pictures, co-financed by Studiocanal, Film4 and the BFI Film Fund, stars Nick Frost, Rashida Jones, Chris O'Dowd, Olivia Coleman and Ian McShane. Frost plays Bruce Garrett, a former dance prodigy who, thanks to a horrible event, never lived up to his potential and instead grew into a big old disappointment. But after falling for his new boss, Bruce must find his long lost skills and cut a rug for love.

Production on Cuban Fury just began and Empire released the first video blog which features Frost giving a guided tour of the set. The behind-the-scenes look includes a visit to where Frost takes 'pisses and shits,' an introduction to both Jones' love interest Julia as well as O'Dowd's cock-blocking Drew and, finally, Frost reading aloud the email he wrote to producer Nira Park (who always works with Edgar Wright) that inspired the whole film. Take a look.

Based on an original idea from Frost (as you saw), Cuban Fury was written by John Brown (whose credits include a few episodes of Misfits and No Heroics) and directed by James Griffiths (several eps of Up All Night and Episodes) making his feature film debut. While Brown and Griffiths are relatively untested, the actors alone have me more than excited to see the finished product.

Frost is always funny and it's exciting to see him take the romantic lead, especially when it's opposite an actress with great timing like Jones. O'Dowd proved he can play the creepy dick with his brief stunt on Girls and, well, McShane's work in Hot Rod speaks for itself. Coleman is the most exciting get and not because of her brilliant turn in Tyrannosaur but instead the hilarious supporting work in Hot Fuzz. She knows how the pig feels. Hah!

Cuban Fury is released on March 22, 2013 in the UK. No date set for the US.

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