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Olivia Thirlby Cast As Sidekick In Judge Dredd

In what could be called a maverick casting move, if you were desperate to call it something, Olivia Thirlby has just been recruited to play sidekick to Karl Urban in the remake of Judge Dredd. As reported by Variety, Thirlby will play Judge Cassandra Anderson, a telepathic rookie taking to the streets alongside Dredd.

Again, if you were desperate to characterize the new Dredd as something besides a feature-length amateur hour, you could hope for an edgy movie with a bunch of players that have something to prove. Karl Urban hasn't quite capitalized on the cult following he built for his charismatic turns in the Lord of the Rings movies and Star Trek, and this will be his first chance to anchor a big-time release. Dredd's director, Pete Travis, has only Vantage Point on his resume, which doesn't add up to much. And that leaves Thirlby, the unconventionally pretty face from Juno and The Wackness. Let's just hope they don't bury her unique look behind a helmet and a bunch of action sequences.