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Colin Farrell is the Samson of acting. The longer his hair grows, the better his performance. Or at least that seems to be what he thinks. His hair is longer than ever in the first trailer for Ondine, a low-budget affair in which Farrell plays a fisherman who catches a woman in one of his nets. She seems kind of like a mermaid, except without the seashells or the tail.

It’s low-budget yes, and contains at least one unusually wise crippled kid, but the first trailer for Ondine looks like it might actually be good. It’s a serious, dramatic take on the classic mermaid tale. You’ll get none of the sex-romp fun of Splash or the color of The Little Mermaid, but we may get great performances instead. Check out the first trailer for Ondine below:

Ondine has US distribution with Magnolia pictures, but no release date. However, if you’re hanging out in Poland on April 23rd, don’t miss it.

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