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One Hundred Percent Lunar Boy Movie Rights Picked Up By Timur Bekmambetov

Now that the Harry Potter franchise has gone to that great Quidditch field in the sky, and the Twilight saga’s preparing to suck up its last bit of box-office blood, Hollywood continues to mine the YA industry for a worthy successor. Pundits believe Lionsgate’s The Hunger Games is next in line for the throne. But what if it doesn’t click?

There’s always One Hundred Percent Lunar Boy, a young adult novel penned by Stephen Tunney which recently was snatched up by Timur Bekmambetov’s production banner, Bazelevs, according to Variety. Screenwriter Edward Ricourt (Now You See Me) will make his directorial debut with the adaptation of the story of futuristic teenager named Hieronymus Rexaphin – sounds like a mood-altering drug. Our hero lives on a colonized moon, and finds himself wrestling with all sorts of emotions when he meets and falls for an Earth girl who’s impressed with his ability to see the future.

Lunar Boy sounds like a fresh, exciting and extremely expensive coming-of-age story. Then again, Duncan Jones set his outstanding Moon in a lunar capsule, and didn’t have to break the bank to achieve authenticity. I wish we knew more about Ricourt’s style, though we’ll learn more when we can see See Me. Still, I’d almost rather trust a high-concept effort like this to someone as visually proficient as Bekmambetov, who has Wanted under his belt and is putting the finishing touches on Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. But if Lunar Boy is going to soar, it will be up to Ricourt, and the angles he takes to Tunney’s YA novel. We’ll see how it goes.

Sean O'Connell
Managing Editor

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