Operation Kino 114: What Does Scarcity Even Mean These Days Anyway?

This week we wonder why people pay for something that's "rare" in an era where anything-- including those fancy Mondo posters-- can be replicated infinitely. If that sounds confusing, trust us, Da7e explains it. Plus discussions about the indie film Zero Charisma and John McCain's scheme to fix television, a listener voicemail question about movies opening earlier overseas than in the United States, and a lightning round inspired by Star Trek Into Darkness.

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00:00-00:48 Lightning Round

2:010 - 12:18 Da7e's tidbit: Zero Charisma

12:38 - 22:10 Patches' tidbit: John McCain's scheme to fix television

22:25 - 29:24 Voicemail: what's up with films coming out overseas first?

29:37 - 45:10 Scarcity in art, and whether that's sustainable or correct

45:22 - 47:33 Goodbye!

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This week's music:

"Banged and Blown Through" by Saul Williams

"Physical (You're So)" by Nine Inch Nails