Operation Kino 134: Escaping From Tomorrow With Special Guest Roy Abramsohn

This week we're joined by a very special guest, with Roy Abramsohn talking to us not only about his starring role in the upcoming Escape From Tomorrow, but about the state of the Disney brand, the way being a musician can affect film criticism and acting and lots of other things, favorite and least favorite Disney World memories, and our favorite films based on true stories with very well-known endings.

For more on Escape From Tomorrow, a film famously shot guerilla-style inside Disneyland and Disney World without permission, you can click here. It's available starting this weekend in theaters and on VOD.

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00:00-01:46 Lightning Round

3:20 - 17:55 Disney as an icon and a brand, past and present

18:30 - 31:22 The connection between music, film and acting

31:52 -36:38 Best and worst Disney World memories

37:18 - 1:01:25 Escape From Tomorrow

1:01:35 - 1:04:03 Goodbye!

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This week's music:

Bare Necessities (Shere Kahn Mix) - by Omen Breaks

Kiss The Girl - by Raju Vasudeva Ramayya

Spoonful of Sugar Mix by Handymartian

Gates of Tomorrow (from Escape From Tomorrow OST) - by Abel Korzeniowski