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Optimus Prime Does Not Have Lips?

Ironically back on Friday 13th we brought you a work-in-progress trailer for Transformers which featured footage of Optimus Prime speaking. The internet was quite rightly aghast by the fact that Optimus Prime, instead of sporting the traditional face place, had a bizarre beak-like set of lips. Lips on a robot. We thought flames were bad enough.

Well now Nelson, the man behind Michael Bay's official website has announced that he had a chat with Mr Bay this week and they've come up with a rather strange excuse for this footage.

According to Nelson the trailer was a test that the Europeans (vague much) were making. Apparently neither Optimus Prime, nor Peter Cullen (?) spoke during that clip. Additionally, he says the whole thing was something these "Europeans" added themselves, the filthy buggers. In fact it was worse than that, it was a test shot.

Y'know what? In a month where I'm still waiting for those alleged pictures of Danny Boyle on the set of 28 Weeks Later and Universal released clearly misleading information about The Mummy 3, I'm gonna chalk this counter-claim up to level 8 of my skepticism radar until I see more footage supporting their story.