Original Terminator Cast Coming Back, Unless Arnold Too Busy Crying Macho Instead

Right now we know there’s a plan out there, with Arnold attached to it, to make another Terminator movie. Just exactly what form that movie will take is still pretty much up in the air, but there’s plenty of rumor mill stuff floating around in the space left by the lack of official information. Here’s a quick breakdown of just some of it.

First there’s the confusing news that even though we know Arnold Schwarzenegger is attached to Terminator there’s this story which says that it’s not his next project. Instead he’s doing something called Cry Macho and it’s based on a serious book which when adapted into a movie will actually require him to act. He’d play an aging horse trainer put out to pasture, ends up broke, and then agrees to kidnap an 11 year-old for cash. It’s not exactly John Wayne doing The Quiet Man, but for Arnold it’s about as close as he gets.

The upshot is that if he’s doing this weepy kidnapping movie, it’s probably going to be awhile before they get around to Terminator, assuming the Austrian Oak has a significant role in that film and that it’s not just some glorified cameo. At least his next movie isn’t that horrible Governator idea I guess. If Cry Macho keeps him away from that I can wait for Terminator

Terminator 5 might be worth waiting for, especially if they’re bringing the entire original cast back as rumored by Kino Katey regular Da7e over at Latino Review. He says that the movie involves time travel back to the present day, so none of that future freedom fighters stuff we got with Christian Bale, and that at the least we’d see Linda Hamilton back as Sarah Connor and maybe Michael Biehn back as Kyle Reese too.

Except, unfortunately, Michael Biehn hasn’t been asked. He tells JoBlo "I don’t know anything about it." That’s not as bad as it sounds. This whole Terminator 5 thing is still very early days, they probably haven’t gotten around to casting anyone except Arnold, even if their intention is to try and bring the original cast back. Wait and see.

Josh Tyler