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When the red band trailer for Ted premiered a couple days ago it was filled with a lot of raunchy humor, name listing, and bad words. But there was one key piece of information that was lacking: just how did the film's titular teddy bear come to life in the first place? While I have no problem personally with magical realism, it did make me wonder. Fortunately, the green band trailer has arrived to give me an answer.

Right on the heels of its restricted brother, the more tame preview has arrived, but what's kind of surprising is that some of the more raunchy bits are still left in. Sure, they don't say the word "fuck" or "shit," but it's still a trailer that has a stuffed animal smoking out of a bong, humping a cash register, and grabbing boobs. You can watch the video below and head over to Apple to see it in HD.

The feature directorial debut of Seth MacFarlane, who is best known for television programs like Family Guy, American Dad and The Cleveland Show, Ted centers on a man named John (Mark Wahlberg )and his childhood best friend, Ted, a walking-talking stuffed bear (MacFarlane). While the pair love to just hang out and smoke some weed, things get heated when John's girlfriend (Mila Kunis) tells him to kick Ted out. John is then left with a choice, whether to mature and live a happy life with his girl or stay a kid forever with his toy. The film also stars Giovanni Ribisi, Patrick Warburton, Joel McHale and Jessica Stroup. Look for the title when it arrives in theaters on July 13th and to read more about it head over to our Blend Film Database.

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