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We've been slow on our Oscar coverage here lately, mainly because there's not much to write about. We all know Slumdog and Heath Ledger and Wall-E will win, we all know Hugh Jackman will look rakishly handsome in his tux, and those of us who care know we'll tune in come awards night on Feb. 22.

But it's easy to forget that amid all this pomp and circumstance, there are actual movies, movies with hearts and stories that thrilled us and moved us in 2008. And that's what I like so much about the new Oscar teaser posted by ABC, featuring oodles of clips from all of this year's nominated movie-- with a very significant slant toward the movies that people, y'know, have actually seen.

It's fun to see what The Dark Knight and Doubt have in common other than being up for statues, and to remind yourself of performances or moments from the past year that were particularly great. If any of the inevitable montages on actual Oscar night are this good, we'll be very lucky, and maybe not asleep by the time they announce Best Director.