If you are new to our Parental Guidance column, here's the idea behind it: I concocted a plan to make my 15 year old daughter, Allie, watch movies with me. While she is wise beyond her years, her cinematic expertise was severely lacking. The movies that I am showing her meant a lot to me at different points in my younger life. She only has three more years before she heads to college, and my oldest girl leaving the house is gonna be traumatic. More importantly, what will people think if my daughter doesn't know who Cary Grant is? I have a reputation to uphold. Thankfully, Allie was all for this column and, as you'll find, we've already viewed Raiders of the Lost Ark, Ghostbusters, and Saving Private Ryan together. It's been awhile since the last column due to a family emergency, but now we're back forcing my daughter to watch great movies she's never seen.

The Inspiration

While cleaning out my basement the other day, I found my old Atari 2600. I called my daughters down to the basement to stare in awe at such an amazing piece of wizardry.

They didn't seem to share my excitement so I hooked it up to an old television and put in my favorite game when I was a kid: Pitfall.

Allie and Lindsay couldn't stop laughing. The bad part was that I had already decided on what movie we would watch this week, and if they thought Pitfall sucked, there was a very good chance Allie would not be a big fan of what was on the schedule.

Tron Movie poster

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