Patton Oswalt On Ratatouille 2

Pixar’s business model doesn’t include sequels. That’s probably because they’re less concerned with business than they are with simply making good movies, realizing that if their work is up to snuff, the money will follow. So far it’s worked brilliantly. Sometimes Pixar sequels happen, as they did with Toy Story, but only if they think they’ve really got something to say. Pixar doesn’t do sequels just to get more of your money, not that they’d turn it down.

So if you’re wondering whether or not there will be a Ratatouille 2, the answer is probably no. Underrated comedian Patton Oswalt, who stars in the movie as the voice of Remy, knows that but seems to be holding out hope anyway. While out and talking about the movie’s impending DVD release, he had this to say about Ratatouille’s sequel possibilities to About: “So maybe there will be a sequel. It could be years down the road but they're not saying, ‘All right, two summers from now there's got to be a sequel.’ Of course I would love to do a sequel to this movie but I would love to do it the way Pixar does it which is, ‘Oh, we just got the right story.’ and they'll do it at their own pace.”

Translation: There is no sequel. Patton Oswalt and maybe all of us would like a sequel, but don’t hold your breath folks. No surprises here. Pixar, unlike just about everyone else in Hollywood, is too busy coming up with more exciting, original stories to engage in the remake/rehas/redo/revisit cycle that the rest of the world seems to be in. Or at least they would be too busy doing that, if all their writers weren’t marching around in the street holding picket signs. Come on Hollywood, pay them for digital media already and be done with it. We need more Pixar movies.

Josh Tyler