Paul Schneider Cast As The Lead In Broken Lizard's The Baby Makers

I have to admit to feeling kind of sorry for Paul Schneider. While Parks and Recreation started becoming a much better show in its second season, its recently completed third season was a revelation that turned the program into must-watch television. What does this have to do with Schneider? His run as City Planner Mark Brendanawicz ended with second season finale. Not to worry, though. The actor has landed on his feet and has taken a role with another group of very funny comedians.

Variety reports that Schneider has been cast in the lead role of the next Broken Lizard film, The Baby Makers. The troupe's first film since 2009's The Slammin' Salmon, Jay Chandrasekhar will be returning to the director's chair and will be using a script written by Peter Gaulke and Gerry Swallow. In the film, Schneider will play a married man who is having trouble conceiving a child, so he enlists the help of his best friends to rob a sperm bank. Broken Lizard member Kevin Heffernan will play Schneider's best friend who introduces him to a an Estonian master thief, who will be played by Chandrasekhar. Production is scheduled to begin this summer.

While the plot sounds like it's based on a bad pun, I can definitely see potential in the project. There's plenty of room for comedy here, particularly of the gross-out variety. It needs to be said: if the movie ends without one of the characters being covered in baby batter, then the movie has failed.

Eric Eisenberg
Assistant Managing Editor

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