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The two central forces behind the Resident Evil movie franchise, director Paul W.S. Anderson and star Milla Jovovich, are moving on to something a little different this fall-- an adaptation of the classic French novel The Three Musketeers. But neither will be moving too far away from the post-apocalyptic world in which Jovovich's Alice continues stalking the ravaged landscape, killing zombies and getting revenge on the evil Umbrella Corporation. Plans for a fifth movie have been in the works since the fourth one, Resident Evil: Afterlife made an amazing $296 million worldwide, and back in May we heard, thanks to Jovovich's very candid Twitter account, that the fifth film would probably be called Resident Evil: Retribution.

Information from Jovovich is typically pretty reliable, since she's both the star of the franchise and married to Anderson, who only directed two films in the series but has produced all of them. But just in case, we've got extra confirmation. Bloody Disgusting reports that the movie will indeed be called Resident Evil: Retribution, and that Anderson will once again be back as a director. The plan is for Jovovich's Alice to travel from Toronto over to Tokyo , and they're apparently also recasting the character Jill Valentine, previously played by Sienna Guillory and last seen wearing a mind control device put upon her by the Umbrella Corporation.

I was completely surprised when looking up Resident Evil: Afterlife's international box office and realizing what a gigantic success this franchise is, despite the fact that nobody I know seems interested in it at all. Paul W.S. Anderson, for all his faults as a director, has managed to build a pretty significant franchise, with his wife at the center as her own kind of action hero icon. I supposed those two crazy kids have earned this fifth movie, which already has a set release date of September 14, 2012.