The People vs. George Lucas II Wants You To Vent About Episode VII

In 2010, filmmaker Alexandre O. Philippe released The People vs. George Lucas, a documentary where, through the lens of fan and critical reaction, the artistic legacy of Lucas and his Star Wars series is "put on trial" so to speak. Its purpose, as the film's official website spells it out, is to determine "who truly owns that galaxy far, far away – the man who created it, or the fans who worship it?" Apparently, the case hasn't been settled in Philippe's eyes, as he's preparing to go back into battle with The People vs. George Lucas II.

The film's official site promises to look at the series after the acquisition of Lucasfilm by The Walt Disney Company, as well as George Lucas' relationship with his fans and pop culture at large. Or at least, it's planning to speculate heavily on what Star Wars: Episode VII will mean for the franchise before it's even been released. This time, as the film's official Facebook page puts it, "we shoot first," as the film is eyeing a release for December 2015. It might seem like a subject rife with potential, much like Lucas' handling of the special editions and prequels was handled in The People vs. George Lucas, but as Entertainment Weekly of all people pointed out, it's just too damned soon.

Lucas Begins

The fact that the series is still called The People vs. George Lucas with Star Wars: Episode VII being in J.J. Abrams' hands is, as Entertainment Weekly called it, "a bit out of date." Now if this new film were The People vs. J.J. Abrams, it would be more fitting because not only would it be in sync with the franchise's changing nature, it would also be a ripe opportunity to examine the Star Trek films and correlate which of Mr. Abrams' "bad behaviors" he'd bring along for the ride. Don't act like no one among you made a lens flare crack after his announcement as the new director.

It's still way too early to tell just how J.J. Abrams' Star Wars: Episode VII will turn out, or what new complaints will be raised. However, if you have a lot to get off of your chest before the film's December 18th, 2015 release date, you can go to the official website and read details on how to submit your own complaints and concerns for possible inclusion into The People vs. George Lucas II. And don't fret if you don't make it into the film... there's bound to be a Special Edition that actually takes the finished film to task for the sins it will have undoubtedly committed in the eyes of the purists.

The People vs. George Lucas II is being planned for December 2015, and Star Wars: Episode VII will be released on December 18th, 2015.

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