In recent years we've seen a number of films named after holidays find their way to theaters. Frank Marshall covered both Valentine's Day and New Year's Eve, Rob Zombie resurrected Halloween, Eli Roth created a fake trailer for Thanksgiving, and Darren Lynn Bousman made a remake of Mother's Day. Even Jason Reitman is in on the action as he recently began production on his new film Labor Day. Now Peter Berg is joining the illustrious club as well with his take on a holiday we just celebrated this past weekend: Father's Day.

The film is based on the book by Buzz Bissinger, who is best known for writing the novel Friday Night Lights (Berg directed the feature adaptation of that book as well and is actually Bissinger's cousin). Berg currently has a first-look deal with Universal, who backed his last film, Battleship, and the studio is currently discussing taking the project on. According to Variety, The story is actually about Bissinger himself and his twin sons, one of whom suffers from learning disabilities. In the book the father and the handicapped son go on a road trip together and they begin to better understand each other.

Berg is also currently developing an adaptation of the book Lone Survivor, which currently has Mark Wahlberg, Taylor Kitsch and Ben Foster attached to play three of four Navy SEALs who get captured by the Taliban. The trade doesn't say which project Berg plans to tackle first, but considering Universal is already attached to Lone Survivor one can assume that movie will move a bit more quickly.

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