Peter Fonda To Star In Adaptation Of Eckhart Tolle's Milton's Secret

Eckhart Tolle is best known for his self-help books like "The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment" and "A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose," two books that likely won't ever find their way to the big screen. But such is not the case with Milton's Secret, the story that Tolle wrote with Robert Friedman - and not only is a film adaptation in the works, the project has just landed its first actor.

The Hollywood Reporter has learned that Peter Fonda, the two-time Oscar nominee best known for performances in films like Easy Rider and Ulee's Gold, has signed on for a key part in the developing movie. Set to be adapted by Barnet Bain (who is also directing) and Donald Martin, the film will tell the story of an eight-year-old boy named Martin who begins to fear going to school because of a bully on the playground named Carter. But when the young kid begins to "live in the now," he is able to shed his fear and stand up to his attacker. The trade says that Fonda will be playing Milton's grandfather in the movie, though it doesn't mention how the character fits into the plot. Production on the movie is set to commence in Vancouver this summer.

Fonda, who turned 72 in February, has managed to keep busy over the years. He will soon be seen alongside Claire Danes and James Marsden in the adaptation of Pete Fromm's As Cool As I Am; with Queen Latifah and Terrence Howard in the Alex Merkin-directed thriller House of Bodies, and with Billy Campbell and Angus Macfadyen in Ronald F. Maxwell's Copperhead.

Eric Eisenberg
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