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While many reacted to the news that Ivan Reitman was stepping down from his post as Ghostbusters 3 director, few noted what was perhaps the most crucial information from that story: production would be starting early 2015, and the new, reworked vision for the property would hit the ground running almost immediately, with a new director stepping in and casting to follow soon after. In other words, the news wasn’t that Reitman was stepping down, but rather that the movie was bonafide, legit, 100%, no-foolin’ happening. Holy cow, man. And now sources say the production may have gotten their man. Or men.

According to notorious Hollywood gadfly Nikki Finke, the men in charge will be none other than Phil Lord and Chris Miller:

The two are highly sought-after given their recent runaway successes. Re-inventing 21 Jump Street into a bawdy buddy comedy proved to be great success for Sony, and their recent The Lego Movie was a box office and merchandising boon. Though they got their start in animation with the under loved Clone High, they’ve made a fully-fledged graduation to live-action with the upcoming 22 Jump Street. And, in fact, we called it: they show up in our 10 Directors Sony Should Consider For Ghostbusters 3 piece that went live a little while ago. Hey Sony: that suggestion wasn‘t free, you know.

Miller and Lord have already worked with some of the top comedians in the industry, including Will Ferrell, Will Forte, Will Arnett, Elizabeth Banks, Charlie Day, Dave Franco, Rob Riggle, DeRay Davis, Chris Parnell, Jake Johnson, Nick Offerman, Ellie Kemper, Bill Hader, Anna Faris, Andy Samberg and Jack Black. Hm, maybe Lord and Miller were simply hired so that Sony could develop closer relationships to some of these funny people? Would Nick Offerman look good strapped to a proton pack? Ellie Kemper as a Ghostbuster is the sort of thing that could melt the coldest heart, no? And Will Forte as a Ghostbuster… well, obviously that needs to happen.

It appears as if not even the passing of Egon Spengler can stop this film from happening, so we’re getting a Ghostbusters 3, and it seems very likely Miller and Lord are in charge. So, who do you want to see as a Ghostbuster? Tell us in the comments section below.