Portland Nudist Does Best Impression Of Luke Skywalker In A Dead Tauntaun

Rabid Star Wars fans have a bad enough rap, socially speaking, without one of them gutting a dead horse so she can climb inside it and mimic Luke Skywalker’s actions on the frozen tundras of an icy planet in the Hoth system. Yes, you read that correctly. Portland nudist Jasha Lottin killed and gutted a horse so she could treat it like her own personal tauntaun, then posted the bloody images on the Internet, according to Seattle Weekly. Here’s one of the least gruesome images.

The rest of the NSFW images can be viewed here.

Lottin claims to be an aspiring model who took the photos as a cry for attention. No, wait. Her official statement to the police was that she purchased a 32-year-old horse that had been scheduled to be euthanized, then shot the beast herself (or had friend John Frost do the dirty work). Then, in an effort to “be one with the animal,” Lottin climbed inside the horse carcass.

She also says she’s a big Star Wars fan. I’m not kidding.

The strange part is that local authorities had nothing to charge Lottin or Frost with. They seemed to put the animal down in a humane fashion. And after they were done with the carcass, they allegedly ate the animal. Lottin and Frost have been bombarded by angry responses from locals who feel what they did was bizarre. But she says there was nothing religious about what she did, and that it was just spontaneous.

Sean O'Connell
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