Especially when you don't have children of your own, little kids can be scary for all kinds of reasons-- they're unpredictable, they're way too energetic, their hands are usually covered in something gross, and half the time they seem to have no empathy or hesitation to ruin your day. But you really don't know scary kids until you've met Em, the cherubic little girl at the center of The Possession who's just like any normal kid, until she becomes fixated on a mysterious, ancient box that happens to have a demon lurking inside.

No, there's no pea soup-vomiting this time, but Em's demon-- who turns out to be a dybbuk, a demon of Jewish legend-- has some nasty tricks up its sleeve too. Check it out below in this brand-new clip from The Possession:

If you think now that The Possession is just your average late-summer horror movie, bear in mind it comes from acclaimed Danish director Ole Bornedal, and it's produced by horror master Sam Raimi through his Ghost House Pictures. To see more of what happens when Em is possessed by the dybbuk, catch The Possession in theaters this Friday.

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