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Harry Potter producer David Heyman’s schedule is currently open as he has no more wizards to guide to the big screen. It should come as no surprise now that he’s one of the most sought after producers working today, with the highest earning franchise of all time under his belt.

According to THR, Heyman is currently in talks to hop on board Night Circus, yet another fantasy novel adaptation, by Erin Morgenstern, but this time instead of wizards, they’re magicians. Quite the shift. However, the story is set in the 1800s where two magicians, Celia and Marco, compete as magicians, trained to do so by their rival fathers. But, not surprisingly, they fall in love despite the large amount of people their lives seemingly affect. Kind of sounds like Romeo and Juliet meets Carnivale.

Heyman has not officially signed on yet, but this sounds like a project he would be suited for, both because it keeps him in the realm of magic, and because he has a lot of experience making novels work on the big screen. The novel still skews towards the young adult audience, but sounds like it dives into the serious tones quite a bit sooner than Harry Potter, whose first two books were for kids.

As mentioned, nothing is set in stone, but when David Heyman picks his next project it will certainly be a project to keep your eye on. Check back for updates as the negotiations press forward.