Dinosaurs, while awesome to look at and fun to research and think about, are not exactly the best tourist attractions. You'd think this is a lesson that the folks who keep trying to make Jurassic Park happen would learn, but three films have come and quite a few lives have gone in the name of dinosaur-fueled progress.

On the eve of the fourth walk in the park, Jurassic World, we turn our thoughts to those who have died at the hands and claws of the creatures that John Hammond dreamed would capture the imagination of the entire planet. Here now is a gallery of the 12 most notable characters who were killed in the line of dino combat.

(Note: This list centers on highlighted individual character deaths, not mass character deaths)

Unnamed Raptor Loader (Jophery C. Brown)
Who He Was: One in a long line of loaders on hand the night a Velociraptor was being loaded into its paddock, this unnamed loader was killed merely because he showed up to work. While being an employee for Jurassic Park must have been a high pay/cushy benefits package job, it’s also a gig that comes with a ton of risk.

How He Died: Despite all of the training and drills the crew at Jurassic Park must have been through, a simple accident was all it took for our unnamed victim to become a snack for an eager Raptor. While the beast made a break for the open gate, her un-secured container is knocked back and sends our unlucky subject flying off of the container, landing just in eating range.

Brutal Death Ranking: 10/10. The poor guy is alive when the dinosaur starts to eat him in the first scene of Jurassic Park, so that alone is bad enough. But to be dragged up and down the container, as well as feeling the life slowly leave you through agonizing pain and dismemberment? That's true dino hell.

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