Now that we've gotten our first look at Jurassic World, the upcoming jump start to the Jurassic Park franchise, it's safe to assume that Colin Trevorrow is aiming to bring dinosaurs back to life in the imaginations of the movie going public. So what better time is there to recall the major milestones that Jurassic Park and its two sequels have given us over 21 years of the franchise's history? Obviously, Jurassic World is exempt from this list, since it's the new kid in town, but if that teaser is any indication, we'll have to update this list next June. But what are the greatest moments we’ve seen in the series so far? Read on to find out!

Spino Rex
10. Spinosaurus v. Tyrannosaurus
Jurassic Park III started out with a lot of human drama, but started the real dinosaur action with a very surprising move. Whereas Jurassic Park had more drama and tension with its reveal, Jurassic Park III took the Clash Of The Titans playbook and ran with a good old fashioned dino fight! What's more, the beloved Tyrannosaurus was surprisingly offed by the new kid in town, the Spinosarus. And you thought the Rex was going to stick it out for the whole film, didn't you?

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