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While Woody Harrelson's Spirit Award-nominated performance has been drawing notice towards the gritty cop drama Rampart, its graphic-driven poster campaign has been raising eyebrows. First came a poster that focused on Harrelson's stony countenance, complete with Aviator sunglasses, whose reflection reveals a shocking showdown. Then to promote the film's limited domestic release earlier this month, Millennium Entertainment offered a grainy glimpse of the feature's brutal antihero with a poster that seemed to scream its tagline "I WORK FOR YOU." Now, as Rampart gears up for its release overseas, Digital Spy has unveiled the drama's latest poster, which goes retro and boasts its star-studded cast.

This ad looks like it could be for a new Vice City video game, and that's probably the point. In Rampart, Harrelson plays Dave "Date Rape" Brown, a corrupt cop so filled with rage that he's a threat to all those around him, including his fractured family unit. The man's a human wrecking ball, prowling the streets of 1999 Los Angeles looking for an opportunity to take down whatever or whoever gets in his way. After being accused of police brutality (which you can see in shadow above), he must defend himself at all costs or risk lose his badge. It's a powerful portrait of male aggression and insane drive that seems well-captured in this arresting poster. While the vivid graphic style gives the film's gruesome violence a cool veneer, it also deftly captures Brown's volatile attitude and steely exterior. All in all, it's a sharp encapsulation of Rampart.

Rampart is now playing in the U.S., and expands to the U.K. on February 24th.
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